AE Kalpana-Incas lost city

AE Kalpana-Incas lost city

Kalpana-Incas lost city is here! Give yourself an epic running experience! Running, sliding, jumping, turning, all kinds of heartbeat! The game arrives with new characters who have one-of-a-kind skills and can eat coins more easily.

Game Features:
Five magnificent game scenes: moss cave, golden cave, red magma, mysterious crystal scene, and bonus cave with plenty of coins;

Fantastic game music: give you visual and auditory double enjoyment;

Lifelike characters experience: immersive and thrilling;

Perfect mission system: spell keys, get gems, open the ultimate treasure box, save the quiet old village;

Smooth operation: simple to play;

Endless fun: you will not stop playing it.

Thrilling obstacles and rich props: Experience the most mysterious hero treasure hunt;

Role upgrade system: accumulate more energy straightly and beat a higher score!

Game objectives:

Collect coins and mushrooms, get a higher score, and for the ultimate solution to save the cursed village!

Game backgrounds:

Incas,  an old village filled with magic and danger,it is cursed by the witch, all the villagers are in a coma for thousands years except the Village Mayor…

The Village Mayor says, the way to break the curse is hidden in a mysterious box, the box is kept in a cave among  steep mountains , in  far northwest.

It needs 5 gems to open. The gems are placed in five treasure chests,every chest requires a unique key to open,the  way to get the keys  is to complete specific missions…

The mysterious box is attended by the witch’s monsters. Now the monster is chasing you…

If you like Temple Run, Subway surfer, Minion Rush, Pitfall!, Mega Jump, Nin Jump, Strike Back, PopStar!, Bejeweled, Birzzle, Fruit Ninja, Angry Birds, Cut the Rope, Tiny Wings, Gravity Guy, Fragger, Clash of Clans, Hay Day, Candy Crush, Star  Wars, Pinball Star,  you shouldn’t miss this crazy challenging and addictive game!

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