Dungeon Stalker

Dungeon Stalker

New in 1.16!

‎- Increased experience size to allow very high level chars

– Is now possibile to descend below level 500…good luck!

The Dragon Queen, evil ruler of these dark times subjugated the land with her legion of minions. She is spreading the plague of hatred and fear in all hearts, becoming stronger at every second.

A legend is told : a hero will come. Brave enough to challenge the dangers that awaits below the surface, down in deepest tunnels of her kingdom. A hero that will free the land and defeat the Dragon Queen.


Are you the legendary hero? Sharpen your blade, train your magic and get ready to descend into the deepest dungeons of this immersive real time role playing game!

Game Features:

– Beautiful pre-rendered first person 3d graphics

– Real-time melee combat

– Gesture based real-time spell casting

– Attack spells and buffs to increase your stats

– More than 1,400 randomly generated items from common to rare to legendary.

– Complex random dungeon engine creates a non-linear experience complete with levers, doors, keys and riddles

– Real time automatic map

– Different button layouts to suit your play style

– Level up and distribute points among different character statistics that affect your fighting abilities and your ability to survive

– Challenge the Dragon Queen after going as deep as 15th dungeon floor.

– Continue the experience even after you finished the game

– Compete with the best on the online leaderboard!

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